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Raw artisan granola

Muesli is a perfectly nutritious food, with oats for fiber and fruits for energy, alongside protein packed nuts and seeds.  Unlike baked granola muesli is raw, which means we don't need to add a ton of sugars or fats, making muesli a sounder choice for natural energy all day long. 


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How to EAT Greenpoint Muesli



pour your favorite cold milk on top and munch

Overnight Oats

mix equal parts muesli and your favorite milk or yogurt, pop in the fridge overnight for a healthy, filling breakfast


add hot water or milk and let sit for 2-3 minutes


Our Mission: Make Wholesome, Great Tasting Food.


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Easy like Sunday morning 🎶 Made locally in Greenpoint, @gpmuesli’s raw #granola makes the perfect no fuss, healthy breakfast. #Brooklyn #madeinbrooklyn #shoplocal
— @perelandrabk

Hey @gpmuesli, your fig berry raw granola has banished all memories of the hideous boxed Swiss muesli my mother tried to feed me as a kid. So sweet, so full of good stuff!
— @ditmas5

Breakfast: macadamia milk from @milkadamia , fresh blackberry, pomegranate seeds, raw muesli mix (oats,dates, sunflower seeds, mango, coconut, walnut And a bit Of salt) From #greenpointmueslico 🇪🇨 leche de macademia, cereales crudos con semillas y Frutas secas, moras y granadas
— @totalbodyfitnyc

The Greenpoint Muesli Scoop: Muesli Magazine

“Figs Fight Cancer”

(The Scoop that puts the fig in Fig Berry)

October brought the full harvest, but it also brought millions to thinking more closely about personal and family health. Breast Cancer Awareness is a collective reminder of the importance of how we take care of our bodies and what we put in it. Cancer is universal meaning it can happen to anyone no matter what demographic, region, or economic class. Not only does
October bring to light all the women that we know or don’t know, suffering, surviving, and impacted by breast cancer, but it also reminds us of everyone who can be, and is, affected by any form of cancer.

Here in NYC, industrial America, so many have access to this ever growing instantaneous lifestyle, but we need to stop and “think pink” about the atmospheric pollution and the extra steps needed to regulate toxins that we are exposed to everyday. Our drinking water and food
supply are the top priorities, but these days it seems like we have little control over what is even coming out of our own faucet. We have to be incredibly careful and conscious in order to not eat “foods” that are cancerous themselves! That’s is why we are here; Greenpoint Muesli is not only making a super healthy superfood cereal, but we are raising awareness- so here’s the scoop. From late summer to mid fall you may notice a plethora of fresh figs in your favorite produce
section or farmer’s market. That is because figs are in season! They thrive in mediterranean climate, are popular in cuisine all over the world, and the very common black mission fig has a season of half the year! They are very versatile and can be eaten fresh or dried, but did you know the fig also carries cancer fighting qualities? Not only are they delicious and filling, but they help your body fight off toxins! They contain ingredients that fight tumors by regulating cancer cells, and are the star of our Fig Berry flavor.

So what exactly in figs are cancer fighting agents?

Bioactive compounds found in fig extracts “have proven toxic to melanoma, breast, stomach, throat, bone, brain, and liver cancers” (1). They protect cell walls from free radicals, which oxidize and deteriorate healthy tissue. Also high in fiber, they promote healthy digestion. Paired up with oats, high fiber is essential for the colon, as experts know the first step to a healthy body is the gut system! This promotes the absorption of everything nutritious and medicinal, at the same time as the removal of everything toxic. These scientifically proven facts let us know why figs grow and are distributed in such an abundance. The human body is designed to crave what is good for us. Who can resist these organically made bon bons that grow on trees?

Our muesli blend is a fun and tasty way to eat a full spectrum of medicinal food in one sitting as
your bowl of cereal or breakfast oatmeal. Low in sugar, it is only sweetened with totally natural fruit. A lot of cereals are preprocessed with tons of added sugar, often a main ingredient, and uses fillers like gmo-corn powder, creating a recipe for poor health. All of our ingredients are identifiable and individual, yet put together in a flavorful combination. If you don’t prefer raw oats, nuts, or dried fruit, try it warmed! Some people associate healthy with bland, tasteless and
unappetizing. Our recipes create the perfect balance in the oat, fruit, nut, and seed blend to make health delectable. Next time you see figs at your local market, don’t forget to grab extra while they are in season. For all year round, we have hand selected great quality dried figs for

Greenpoint ‘Fig Berry’ Muesli. Enjoy! cancer/,,, bowels-3114.html